Many companies impose ethics and policies in the company to succeed. The reason why they follow the policy is to maintain discipline and order in the company. CSR (corporate social responsibility) not only encourages the business to maintain and value the morals set in the company but also proves to be an advantage for building a professional reputation in the industry. The standards and measures are taken by through CSR focus on benefits towards the company and the social environment.


The industry growing with many businesses and competition increasing in each sector are too focused to forget about the environmental changes. CSR sustains environmental changes using actions such as creating awareness of pollution, global warming and producing earth-friendly products and services.

• Donations to organizations

Focusing on creating better an industry adds value to the company. By providing donations and charities to human rights, disaster management, and education programs.

• Labour satisfaction

A company can succeed further in CSR by providing labor satisfaction. With equal pay and work-friendly environment

• Economic benefit

Focusing on the economic benefit helps grow the business to a better stage. It provides long-term benefits for the company with ethical policies.

Success is drawn towards the company when such ethical strategy is used. A company operating with a CSR point of view benefits in the long term. Companies can encourage such ethics and policies as a business management strategy. Individuals who understand the concept of CSR can apply it further to a company and succeed. Knowledge of the business management section can be improved and gained through courses such as Level 3 in principles of business administration can increase management skills and further basic understanding to apply CSR in the company as a strategy. By doing so a company can gain a professional reputation.